Financing Your Accounts Receivable to Access Your Cash Today

If you are looking for ways to manage your cash flow without diluting your investment in your business or taking on a lot of debt overhead, financing your accounts can be a great way to achieve those goals while streamlining your operation. That’s because using accounts receivable financing allows you to gain a form of payment insurance on your customers while accessing the money you are owed for work you already completed.

Financing Receivables Explained

When you apply for this kind of cash advance, Paramex Capital associates review your outstanding accounts and customers’ payment histories. Since this advance is based on money owed to you by another party, their credit influences the decision more than yours. After money is distributed, we take over collecting the debt, and you receive the remainder after we deduct our fees and the original advance from the amount collected.

Benefits of Factoring Your Accounts

  • Manage cash flow easily and see to it your vendors are paid
  • No recourse if customers don’t pay
  • Reusable—finance new accounts as needed
  • Predictable fee structure can be built into estimates
  • Access the money you already made
  • Fast decisions and cash distribution

For more information about accounts receivable financing, contact us today. Our associates can answer questions or help you with an application during regular business hours.