Paramex Capital Offers Options for Commercial Real Estate Financing

When you are ready to invest in commercial properties, your investment goals are important because they affect the range of ideal solutions for funding your purchase.

Very few individual entrepreneurs or businesses can afford to pay cash for new property acquisitions, so finding commercial real estate financing that works for your new purchase means finding the way to pay for the investment that suits your business cycle and helps you achieve a better return on your investment.

Whether you’re building facilities for your business operations or investing in property development as a business unto itself, Paramex Capital has the options you need.

Our Selection of Commercial Real Estate Financing Products

  • International Financing with sponsorship from sovereign wealth funds and other high net worth investment sources.
  • Mezzanine and Equity Sponsorship domestically to help you get the extra financing you need above and beyond traditional loans.
  • Construction Financing with milestone-based cash distribution plans that are designed around your project goals.
  • FHA and HUD Financing let investors who participate in those programs access specific financing programs they can use to improve eligible properties.
  • Bridge Loans provide short-term financing while you repair a property and put it back on the market or line up long-term financing for it.
  • SBA Loans provide small businesses that add jobs to their communities with preferential loan parameters that help them grow and succeed, and that includes funding the purchase of operating facilities.
  • CMBS Loans are built to provide you with interest savings at the cost of some prepayment flexibility.
  • Conventional Commercial Real Estate Loans give you the option of a long-term, amortizing fixed-rate loan structure that allows you to freely prepay as you are able to do so.

No matter what you need your next property acquisition to do for your business, we want to help you achieve your goals. Contact us today to start an application or to review the details about your options.