Setting Your Customers Up for Success With Consumer Credit

No matter what your industry, some customers are just going to have a hard time working out the funding for higher-dollar purchases. In certain fields, like medicine, home repair, and private schooling, helping potential customers figure out a payment plan by providing access to credit means giving people a chance to access your service when they wouldn’t be able to do so otherwise. That expands your customer base, and it also provides options to your regular customers at the same time. Whether there are other credit options available or not, access to credit through a merchant or service provider has been shown to increase return business across most business sectors.

Program Parameters

When you work with Paramex Capital to set up your consumer finance program, you can count on these basic program parameters:

  • Funding for those with a 580 or higher FICO score
  • Tiered pricing and flexible interest rates
  • E-signature verification and instant credit approval
  • Coverage for purchases up to $10,000
  • We can collect on bad debt portfolios on your behalf

Flexible Enough for Any Industry

The best part about the Paramex Capital consumer credit program is the fact that it flexes to work in practically any industry, from services to organization memberships to large-ticket purchases like furniture and musical instruments. No matter what you do for your customers, we’re here to support it. Call today for more information.