Get the Working Capital Your Practice Needs 

Healthcare financing needs to reflect the unique business cycle that healthcare companies work with. That’s why traditional business loans are rarely the most efficient way to finance a healthcare business, and why Paramex Capital has built a unique line of products designed to meet all the needs of this sector of industry.

Medical Device Leasing

Your devices have special maintenance needs that add costs to their operation, and we have built a program that takes this into account. With leases that devote up to half their value to assisting you with those costs, you will find you have all the support you need throughout the useful life of your device.

Acquisition Loans

You shouldn’t have to worry about covering buy-in costs when you join a practice, which is why our acquisition loans cover up to the full amount of the capital expense. That way, you can focus on getting established in your new professional niche instead of finding a way to pay for your partnership.

Practice Loans

When you are in need of working capital, our practice loans provide you with options. Access either $75,000 with an application or $250,000 with full disclosures, and count on terms up to 72 months to help you manage payback. Use the funds for anything your practice needs:

  • Manage expenses
  • Order supplies
  • Consolidate debt

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