Flexible Credit Lines for Your Business 

If you are seeking revolving, reliable, and accessibly priced credit for a business, Paramex Capital’s unsecured business lines of credit are built to meet those needs. Not only are they accessible to companies of any size, they are also reusable, so you can manage your cash flow, fund purchases, front-load your inventory, and accomplish a range of other goals without having to pause to apply for new funding.

This versatile tool is also a great way to establish your company’s credit if you are building a new business, and it can raise your credit rating to manage these kinds of business credit lines over the long-term. That means you can use them to streamline your expense reporting and payment schedule while gaining traction with your credit rating, making it easier to achieve your other goals as you grow.

Top-Tier Features for Every Customer

Depending on your company size and credit history, you can expect to access either up to $50,000 as a small business or up to $500,000 with proof of an annual income over $1 million. Either way, you can count on a few core features that we offer every customer:

  • Flexible interest rates at one to five percent over the published federal rate
  • Zero percent introductory financing

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