Office Environment Making your Employees Love Their Office

Where people work can often be just as important as what they work at doing. Surroundings can affect every aspect of job satisfaction and enjoyment. A good workspace, which means more than fresh paint and big windows, can increase employee productivity and personal involvement with their company. The physical aspects of the space—lighting, color scheme, climate control, etc.—are important, but these make up only part of the total office environment. They can, however, influence the primary factor that typically determines whether a work situation is good or bad: the way people feel.


People’s attitude can determine the workplace atmosphere. When moods are light and cheerful, the workday can seem to fly by while productivity soars. On the other hand, when melancholy and bitterness color the job site, it can be a painful and monumental effort to get the smallest amount of work accomplished. Defects in the building design or poor aesthetics can usually be overcome by a happy and motivated group of tight-knit employees. Elegant designs of maximized workflow efficiency are usually wasted on bitter, hostile and otherwise disgruntled employees. The prettiest paint and carpet, the largest windows, the best heating and cooling systems and the most ergonomically designed work stations usually cannot improve deeply ingrained negative attitudes.


How does one then go about improving an office environment that has already turned sour? Enhancing the elements of the physical space might help, but for reasons previously mentioned will probably not be enough to fix things. However, the very act of attempting to better working conditions may have the effect of making the staff feel appreciated. That can be a vital first step in improving the workplace atmosphere. Once employees see a small, but meaningful, first move by management to thank workers for their contribution to the company’s success, the stage is set to start turning things around.


Every act of kindness and gesture of concern on the part of management for employee well being can change the office environment for the better. Similarly, when the administration moves to empower employees to make decisions concerning the direction of the company, the organization improves its chances of reaching the goal of a more positive work atmosphere. As attitudes start to shift in the right direction, a seemingly miraculous change can take place in a company. Suddenly, people may stop complaining and start making realistic suggestions for ways to improve efficiency. When employees begin emotionally investing in the business’ success, wonderful things can happen. The cycle usually continues in an upward spiral as management realizes that small gestures on their part can have a tremendous effect on employee morale and help to create a super office environment.

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