Paramex Capital Announces New Bank Statement Based Commercial Real Estate Program For Owner Occupied Properties

Paramex Capital is pleased to announce the launch of its bank statement based commercial real estate program for owner occupied properties. This is an excellent program for owner-occupied borrowers who prefer to prove their income by providing 12 consecutive months of business bank statements instead of tax returns.

Program Highlights:

Loan Amount: $200,000 – $2,500,000
LTV: Max LTV 80%
Loan Product: 3YR, 5YR, 7YR, Hybrid with 20,25,30 YR AM and no balloons
Credit Score: Minimum 600
Rates: 7.00%-9.50%

Eligible Property Types:

• Multifamily, mixed use, office, warehouse, light industrial, retail, bars, restaurants, automotive, self storage, day care centers, mobile home parks
• Owner-occupied or Investor
• Non-owner occupied residential, 1 – 4 units

Loan Scenarios:

• Cash out, refinance, or purchase

Typical Close Time:

• 30 – 35 days

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