Get the Details About Our Referral and Broker Program 

We value talent in our industry, whether that talented person comes to work within our organization or not. Networks of brokers who can trust and understand one another, and who respect the relationships that make the referral process work for all parties, are people we seek out, and our own policy toward working with outside brokers reflects that. When you submit or preview a client’s proposal with us, we will communicate our determination clearly and respectfully. More importantly, though, we will communicate with you, because your client is yours.

Whether we fund the project or not, our referral and broker program is built on the core premise that your client is your client, and we will only get involved with projects you refer to us if we have a relationship with you as a referral source. This courtesy should be a standard in the industry, so why not build a relationship with a team that acts as if it already is one? We offer top commissions and referral fees, too.

Our In-House Broker Program

If you are looking to make a change and join a new team, we are currently accepting applications for regional sales positions around the country. To help yourself decide whether or not to apply, consider whether you match the traits we are looking for:

  • Outgoing, customer service-oriented, and friendly
  • Organized, self-motivated, and detail-oriented
  • Enthusiastic about funding every client, no matter how big or small

If this sounds like you and you are comfortable working with the most powerful online financial and identity management tools in the industry, then contact us today. Our regional sales associates work from where they are with the help of our toolkit.

Paramex Capital associates are always happy to talk to new colleagues. Whether you want information about applications and interviews or more details about submitting referrals, contact us today and talk to us about your goals.